- Year 4


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this weeks Work set by your teacher- click on your class below

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Summer Term

Year 4 Home Learning Sheet - Some new tasks from Miss Norton and Mr Clitheroe, for the new half term

Year 4 Home Learning Sheet – Some further ideas for work, written by your teachers

BBC bitesize Daily - Daily lessons in English, Maths and Foundation Subjects Lessons for Year 4

Oak National Academy- Daily Lessons in core subjects and lots more

Year 4 Spelling Shed PowerPoint Mon 13th July

Philosophy lesson from Mr. Semmens  Buddhism-Why Should I be a Good Person? 

Don’t forget – there are lots of Maths and English activities in the Year 4 Home Learning Pack 


Spring Term

Home Learning Ideas Sheet - Some ideas for work, written by your teachers

Year 4 Home Learning Pack

Philosophy Lessons for Home from Mr. Semmens - Lesson 1 and Lesson 2  

Maths Activity Ideas- Year 4

Get books online- Download books with your library card

Free audio books 

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