About Old Catton Junior School

Old Catton Junior School opened on March 6th 1874 as a Church of England Endowed School when children ‘moved into the new building’ built at the sole expense of Samuel Gurney Buxton.

Today, the school remains a Church of England school and the objectives are just the same, to provide children with a fantastic, well-rounded education.

We know we offer a well-taught, balanced curriculum to all pupils, whatever their abilities. Our teachers are enthusiastic, have considerable expertise across all areas of the curriculum, and our assessment procedures enable us to monitor the progress of our pupils. We believe in educating the ‘whole person’. We encourage the pupils in music, art, drama and all sports, to aim for very high standards, with opportunities to participate in drama productions, music performances and in competitive and non-competitive sports. We believe all pupils should have these opportunities and we believe they should do them well. Activities are available at lunchtimes and after school. We believe much is to be gained from making visits outside of school, museums, galleries, historical sites, the theatre and even football matches. Residential trips are also available, to all, as they pass through the school.

All our teachers give freely of their time, to talk and to listen, for we know this helps promote good teacher-pupil relationships, so essential to encouraging good attitudes to learning and school. We also develop pupil relationships and children are encouraged to talk through any problems and sort them out to their satisfaction.

We also value the partnership we have built with parents, and should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to come in and discuss them with a member of staff. 


Our Vision

Our vision is to create a school where every child and adult has self-belief and the opportunity to be the best they can be, fostered through a sense of belonging, of being valued and with respect for individuality. We will be defined by who we are and what we do.


Our Story – The Parable of the Lost Sheep

 At Old Catton Junior School our vision is inspired by a parable that Jesus told which reflects the values of Love, Hope and Joy and encapsulates our ethos. As the shepherd looks out for his sheep we too encourage and support each other. The shepherd makes a bold choice. He has the confidence and faith to ensure that no one is left behind and sees the uniqueness and value of each individual. This story reflects how we nurture each other in our community.

 Luke 15 v 1 – 5   Matthew 18 v 12 – 14


Old Catton Church of England Junior School Vision and Values


We are also part of a long-standing partnership with White Woman Lane Junior School. You can visit their website at

wwl crest


White Woman Lane Junior School, Old Catton Junior School, Frettenham Primary School, Hainford Primary School, Horsford Primary School and St Faiths’ Primary School are now part of the Nebula Federation.

A lot of thought and effort has gone into this decision and we feel the new name is reflective of this. The word nebula originates from the creation of stars, and that is exactly what all of our schools represent - places where individual talents and abilities are recognized and where stars are born.

It is important to stress that this federation name will only be used to give our collection of schools an over-arching name, and each school will keep its individual name, identity, logo and uniform.

The new identity and federation gives us the opportunity to take advantage of significant benefits that will help to improve the education of your child. As Executive Head Teacher I will oversee the progress in all six schools, working with each school to ensure all pupils reach and achieve their full potential.

The Nebula Federation




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